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For the purposes of this policy the term 'Home Tasks' refers to any work or activity which children are asked to do, at home, outside lesson time


The Aims


·         to build on our  effective partnership between  home and school, in accordance with the aims of Hankham School

·         to raise the levels of attainment for all the children

·         to  consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding  (eg aspects of English and Maths)

·         to encourage children to develop good practice and progression towards independent study and individual responsibility.

·         to extend school learning

·         to prepare the children for the next stage of their education



Through our  Home Tasks Policy the children gradually develop the practice of devoting periods of time to study and  practising skills.  Many of the activities offered will centre on English and Maths, although other subjects will be incorporated as the children move through the school.

Home Tasks should not mean merely formal exercises undertaken by pupils on their own, nor the completion of tasks not finished at school.  It may include the involvement of parents and carers in joint activities that are valuable in promoting children's learning.

Guidelines will be given to parents at the start of each school year and they will be informed by letter/note of the home tasks.  .

It is an expectation for children in all year groups to read daily. 

Additionally, Reception children, all children in Year 1 & Year 2 and children in Years 3 & 4 may be set optional home tasks occasionally throughout a  term.

For Year 5 & Year 6 children, home tasks will be set on a weekly.  Parents of children in Years 5 & 6 will be requested to ensure  that  tasks will be completed on time. 

It is the responsibility of the teacher setting home tasks to ensure that those tasks are promptly and appropriately marked.

All home tasks should be purposeful and reinforce or extend work covered during school lessons.  All home tasks should be carefully matched to children's individual needs and abilities.


The Home tasks  structure for Hankham Primary School shall be:


KEY STAGE 1     Reading (an expectation):    with parent and leading to greater independence.


·        Reception    -   10 minutes per day

·        Year 1          -   15 minutes per day

·        Year 2          -   15 minutes per day



Occasionally the children may be given other home tasks, which are optional



KEY STAGE 2     Reading (an expectation):  with parent and leading to greater independence.


·        Year 3            -   20 minutes per day

·        Year 4            -   20 minutes per day

·        Year 5            -   20 minutes per day

·        Year 6            -   20 minutes per day


Years 3 & 4 


Occasionally the children may be given other home tasks, which are optional



Years 5 & 6 


Tasks could include multiplication tables, spellings,  basic number work, maths / literacy  games, topic research and aspects of grammar.



HPS/15 (review 17)

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