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 Feb 2016





There are frequent occasions when children need  to have medicines at school, usually temporarily whilst they complete a course of treatment but sometimes as a longer-term health measure.  This should pose little problem, although certain precautions should be taken by parents and staff  in order to safeguard themselves and, above all, the children.

In order to facilitate the safe transport to school and administration of medicines the following procedures should occur:-


All medicines to be administered in school must be accompanied by written instructions from parent/guardian/carer, specifying:                                            

  • the medication involved     
  • circumstances under which it should be delivered
  • frequency and levels of dosage



    All medicines must be provided by the parent/guardian/carer in the original container and include the prescribed instructions for administration, dosage and storage and marked clearly with the child's name and class. The medicine will only be used for the named child.  Antibiotics will be administered only if they are prescribed to be taken four times a day. Medicines will never be accepted  that have been taken out of the original container or have had changes made to dosages on parental instruction.


    Non-prescribed medicine will be administered to children if there is specific prior written permission from the parent  for a specified time period and reason.  The full dosage instructions must be present on the medicine container and these instructions followed. 


    A record of the name, date, time and dose of the medication will be kept, signed by the person administering the medication


    All medicines must be delivered to the school office by the parent/carer and into the care of the School Office staff or the Headteacher who will place them in a secure area.


    A child must never carry medicines to school because, although they will be accepted from the child and made secure, staff will not administer the medicines without the direct consent of the parent/carer.  Consent forms for the administration of medicines at school are available from the school office.


    Similarly, medicines will never be handed back to a child to take home.  It must remain the responsibility of the parent/carer to collect the medicine from the school office staff or Head.


    If a child needs to have immediate access to an asthma inhaler  then, providing the parent/carer consents, the child should keep it in his/her possession (but not in a place  accessible to other children).  If not to be kept by the child then the inhaler must be given to the School Office staff or Headteacher together with clear, written details concerning usage.


    While the school will always try to do the best that it can for every child, it does reserve the right to refuse  to take responsibility for handling medication etc. although this would be an infrequent occurrence.


    Parents should keep children at home when they are acutely unwell and they should not return until they are able to participate in the full curriculum.