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Hankham Primary school has been issued with Sports Grant Funding, an amount of £8675 (Sept 13 - Apr14). This money is ring-fenced and is to be spent on 'improving the quality of sport and P.E'. Ofsted will be focussing on how effectively this premium is used towards the given objective and as a school we will be held to account on how we have spent the money.

At Hankham Primary School the Headteacher, PE subject leader and the Governors have given careful consideration as to how this money should be spent. Our aims are:-

·        To improve the quality of sport and PE that we are already offering to the children.

·        To offer training opportunities to staff to improve their own teaching skills and thus their lessons subsequently.

·        To ensure the school is able to participate in local sports tournaments and festivals

·        To encourage greater participation in after schools clubs for all children.


With these aims in mind the Sports Premium Grant will be spent this academic year on –

·        Employment of qualified sports coaches from Albion in the Community to provide high quality P.E sessions to cover NQT and PPA ( 1 year only)

·        Employment of qualified sports coaches from Albion in the Community to provide high quality P.E sessions to provide coaching sessions and assist staff in their planning for coaching sports they are not confident with.

·        Support for FSM children and children from vulnerable groups to access paid after-school clubs.

·        Employment of additional sports coaches to deliver after-school clubs throughout the year to raise the profile of sports participation especially for girls.

·        Payment to HCC for inter-school sports festival participation.

Sports funding 2013-14


Term 1Term 2





Term 5                               



Total allocated


Eastbourne Borough Coaches

NQT – Class J



FREE Decided not to continue    

Term 3 - NQT cover Class J

T.A training

  £55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£1320

Eastbourne Borough Coaches

PPA cover Class L



FREEDecided not to continue    

Term 3 - PPA cover Class L

  £55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£55 x 6 = £330£1320
AITC – Football Club£140£245£210£210£210£210£1225
AITC Curriculum Cover Class M £175£210£210£210£210£1015
AITC Curriculum Cover Class R £175£210£210£210£210£1015
AITC AFTER SCHOOL CLUB £175£210£210£210£210£1015
Swimming coach     £700£700
Intra school gala     £305£305
HCC Primary Schools cluster£560 P.A     £560
Support for FSM children to access clubs and swimming sessions  £70   £200

Total Grant        £8675                                                                                                         £8675

Other ideas

After school clubs – Tennis, Street dance.

Training for staff member as swimming coach

Participation in the Change 4 life programme.

Sporting provision within the school

Within school our timetables offer 2 lessons of PE each week, comprising of different elements of PE depending on the season (gym, dance, team games, athletics and swimming). Outside agencies also deliver input for activities such as bikeability for Y5 and Y6.

We regularly enter sports festivals organised and hosted by HCC within the Hailsham Alliance. These include cross-country, football, netball, orienteering, basketball and tennis for KS 2. We also attend Multisports festival for Y2.

We have a busy schedule of after-school sports clubs which are well attended.



The impact of each initiative will be measured throughout the year to gauge the success of different initiatives. We will consider improvement to the quality and breadth of our PE and sporting provision, increased participation of PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance of which they are capable. We will also consider whether new opportunities have been created for children to participate who would not previously have done so and whether we have encouraged greater participation of girls.


Football Club

For the last few years there has been no football club provided by the school as there was no qualified member of staff to deliver it. From Term 1 a football club has been running for KS2 children. In term 1 12 boys attended, this then increased to 16 boys. No girls attended as they wanted to attend drama club on the same night. The 2 girls who expressed an interest were included in the squad for a football tournament and subsequently joined the club. The paid coach was intending to arrange other friendly matches against local schools but this was not possible this year due to the weather and poor state of the field and pitch. Having previously had no school football team training this club has proved to be popular and motivational. 2 boys who have high levels of absence have been noticed to have fewer random Mondays due to illness. Another boy's behaviour has improved after being told that if on a checkcard he would not be able to attend after-school clubs.


After- school  clubs

Two additional sports clubs have been provided. One that is paid for by parents (Multisports) and one that is funded by the sports grant ( KS2 Team Games).

KS 2 team games was initially attended by 5 children – 4 boys and 1 girl. In Term 4 there were 11 children attending 5 boys and 6 girls (including 2 FSM children). More girls have been encouraged to participate in the club than previously, 2 FSM children would not previously have attended.


Curriculum support

Yr 1/2

The school needed to provide NQT cover which had not been budgeted for. Qualified coaches were able to provide this whilst also offering training for a Teaching Assistant in her PE skills for supporting groups in other PE lessons organised by the teacher.

This has been very successful with positive feedback from the TA.

Yr 3/4

The teacher in this class has provided a testimonial as to the impact of the coaching on her practice and how this will help her to improve in the delivery of quality PE lessons.

'As a non-PE specialist, I have found working with a qualified coach particularly helpful and informative; both in terms  of teaching ideas (such as the new warm-up games and hall games I have learnt) and adaptations of whole games such as netball and cricket to teach core skills. I have come to realise that children benefit the most when they have the opportunity to practise these core skills in pairs or small groups before they come together as a class. Most importantly, I believe I have learnt that tasks need to be varied, fun and competitive in order to challenge and engage children into active learning.'

Yr 4/5

This teacher has also benefited from observing a qualified coach in action and sharing structured planning.

Awaiting testimonial Term 4







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