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  • to raise awareness, across the school community of the safe use and the potential dangers of the sun.
  • to present to the children factual and balanced information regarding sun safety
  • to make parents aware of our approach and to enlist their support in following a 'Safety in the Sun' policy.



At Hankham Primary School we are very aware that young children need special care when they are in the sun.  Annually it is part of our Science work and our Personal, Social and Health Education programme to remind all children of staying safe in the sun.

All the staff are knowledgeable about sun safety issues and endeavour to take particular care on hot, bright days.


We also rely on the continued cooperation and support of all parents and guardians in our efforts to keep the children safe in the sun.




The key messages to the children are:


  • Find suitable shaded areas around the field and the playground

  • Wear appropriate clothing, avoiding too much exposed skin      

  • Wear hats or caps that will protect the head and  the neck

  • Use sun protection creams appropriate to skin sensitivity.  (Please note that creams should be applied before the child arrives at school)

  • Drink plenty of fluids

  • Avoid too much strenuous activity

  • Never look directly at the sun, even if wearing sunglasses

  • Never look directly at the sun, even if wearing sunglasses



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