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TRAVEL PLAN  2010 – 2012  

Hankham Primary School is working in conjunction with East Sussex County Council and with the full support of its Governing Body to develop ways to improve the safety of children and others who travel to and from our school.

 We have formalised this initiative into a School Travel Plan that networks all the work being undertaken to this end. This Travel Plan aims to meet the requirements of the DfT/DfES and the East Sussex County Council Travel Plan Team and is designed to help in working towards meeting the Government's transport policy objectives.

 This Travel Plan demonstrates our commitment to address the environment and community concerns, to promote discussion and action on school travel issues amongst children, parents, staff and the wider community. Our aim is to try to achieve more sustainable travel to school based upon walking safely, reduced car travel, increased cycling and improved road safety outside the school.

Our Travel Plan is a working document and should be seen as part of the school's overall Development Plan. The work we are undertaking is monitored by the school Governing Body and overseen by the Headteacher and the School Management Team.

 The Governing Body contains representatives from parents, the local community and staff from the school. Many of the issues are to be the subject of discussions at the School Council where children have an opportunity to comment. Consultation with parents is a developing feature of all our work – and in December 2009, many parents (and staff) completed a Travel Survey, the results of which (see pages 5 – 8)  have helped in the formulation of the School Travel Plan.


About Hankham School

Hankham is a small village approximately 2 miles north of Eastbourne .  The school is situated in a rural area with school entrance facing Hankham Road . (See map below) Other than at the start and finish   of the school day, Hankham Road is fairly quiet, with only residents' cars and some agricultural vehicles using the road. 


Other than several farms, produce nurseries, a small enterprise area and the Hankham Motor Works Repair Centre, there is little industry near the school.  There is no bus service around Hankham.


We have an annual  school intake of 20 into our Reception group, with 153 pupils currently on roll, aged between 4 – 11 years. The demography of the school reflects the wide area from which we draw the children (see postcode plot, attached).

 The school day begins at 8.45 a.m. and ends at 3.20 pm. Children generally begin to arrive from 8.30 onwards. At the end of the day there is an extensive provision for after school clubs until  approximately 4.30p.m.


Children, parents, staff and visitors can access the school site from both ends of Hankham Road . There is a main entrance from Hankham Road and a car park adjoining the school playground.   (See picture)


The car park has the capacity for only  10 cars. Staff often have to double park or use the road outside the school.  (See picture below, left)

Whilst a  few  of the school staff live locally, nearly all the staff drive to school (see survey).


Visitors and deliveries to the school are required to park in Hankham Road .


Hankham School was awarded the Healthy Schools'  Award in July 2010 for the development and promotion of Healthy Living. The school also holds an ActiveMark  award from Sport England. 

 Our staffing structure promotes the Every Child Matters agenda with a strong emphasis in school through our curriculum design for promoting children's well being.



Teachers (including Headteacher):          7  (2 part time)

Teaching Assistants:                                12 (all part time)

Secretary/Bursar                                       1

Caretaker                                                   1

Cleaner                                                       1



Description of the travel/transport problems and issues facing the school


One of the key issues is the level of traffic attempting to use and park in the very narrow Hankham Road at either end of the school day. Some cars using the zigzag lines as a 'dropping off' zone. During the busy times cars park on both sides of the road and block access. Some cars mount the pavement to pass each other, although three years ago a 'passing bay' was constructed which has eased this situation a little.


 Traditionally, we have been unable to fully support the National 'Walk to School' initiatives, due to the busy roads leading to Hankham Road and the complete absence of a safe crossing point. (see map.)   However, we did participate in ESCC's "Hot-Footers" promotion in May 2006, and a copy of our analysed results are in the Appendix.  We came in 51st place, but the point of the exercise was to raise children's awareness of the health benefits in their day to day lives.


Drivers can experience considerable frustration on their journey to the school, not least due to getting through Hankham Road . Some parents  drop their children off at the front of the school and are happy for their children to cross the busy road.  Children are reminded in whole school assemblies and road safety lessons about the crossings outside the school. Parents are regularly reminded via the Newsletters about road safety issues, particularly inconsiderate parking in areas around the school – including neighbours driveways and verges.

Hankham Road is an entirely unlit road, and therefore presents serious difficulties for those families who may wish to walk, particularly during the winter months.


TRAVEL PLAN WORK 2009 – 2012

Work undertaken by the school over the past two terms as part of our safe travel to and from Hankham School . The main issues are then part of the Action Plan for School Travel Plan.


1.      Regular newsletters reminding parents of the need for care in dropping off and picking children up at the start and end of the school day.

2.    Provide an annual cycling proficiency programme for Year 6 pupils (this is an Action Plan commitment).

3.     Provide the 'Footsteps' training for all year 1 pupils. This is led by the East Sussex County Council and volunteer parents.

4.    Staff, parents and children undertook a Travel to School Survey (see attached) to raise the profile amongst pupils, staff and parents.

5.     Work closely with the transport section of the Parish Council in order to be part of local debate and decision-making.


·        To achieve a more sustainable travel to school based upon walking safely, reduced traffic, increased walking/cycling and improvements in traffic calming measures outside the school.

·        To help raise awareness of the benefits of healthy lifestyles by the promotion of the health benefits of walking and cycling to school.

·        To make walking and cycling to school more attractive options than driving by removing as many real/perceived dangers and obstacles as possible.

·        Achieve changes to the current home to school travel arrangements so that congestion around the school is reduced and the safety of the children is improved.

·        Help children become increasingly aware of their own safety with regard to road safety (as a pedestrian and cyclist) and 'Stranger Danger' by collaborating work done within school with various agencies, such as the police.

·        To obtain approval from East Sussex County Council and the DfT/DfES for the Travel Plan so that funding can be accessed to support some of the measures identified within the plan eg cycling.

·        Encourage shared ownership of any issues with staff, parents, pupils, governors, the police and the local community by raising awareness of the issues through Newsletters, meetings and sharing of views.

·        Create a safer environment for all those using  and living around the school

·        Investigate extending the staff car park, which would remove staff cars from in front of the school.

·        Develop road safety training for all our children – RoSPA & use of  'Footsteps' scheme for the Infants

·        Alert parents/carers to the safety issues regarding safe parking around  the school at the beginning and the end of the school day.

·        Involve parents/carers, the School Council, Governors, staff and the wider community in creating solutions to the traffic problems around the school and improve the safety of all our children and staff.


Parents and Carers Questionnaire

In December 2009 there were  112 families at Hankham Primary and each was  sent a School Travel Plan questionnaire.  37 replies were received (33%).  The results are as follows:

 Usual mode of transport to and from school (percentage)

 WalkCarCar ShareOther

Distance travelled to and from school  (percentage)

 -0.5km0.5 - 1km1 - 1.5km1km+
Distance travelled9%15%24%52%

SSummary of Parents & Carers Questionnaires

The main concerns were (in approximate order of importance):

q                 Badly-parked cars outside the school

q                 No safe crossing at Hailsham Road

q                 Insufficient lighting along Hankham Road

q                 Insufficient safety signs on the approach to the school

q                 Cars driving at inappropriate speeds along Hankham Road/Street

q                 Pedestrian path along Hankham Road too narrow & often overgrown

q                 Lack of speed restrictions on the approach to the school

q                 People parking on the zigzag lines outside the school

q                 A lack of a regular bus service  to and from the school

q                 A lack of a designated cycle route to school


Staff Questionnaires


In December 2009 there were 21 members of school staff and each was given a School Travel Plan questionnaire.  15 replies were received (71%). The results are as follows:


Usual mode of transport to and from school (percentage)

WalkCarCar ShareOther

Distance travelled to and from school  (percentage)

 -0.5km0.5 - 1km1 - 1.5km1km+
Distance travelled7%7%6%80%

Summary of Staff Questionnaires

The main concerns were (in approximate order of importance):

q                 Lack of convenient bus / train  service to area around school

q                 Speed of vehicles along approaches to school

q                 Car sharing not a viable alternative

q                 Pathway along Hankham Road often overgrown

q                 Poor lighting along Hankham road discourages walking


Children's  Questionnaires

In January 2010  each class at Hankham School was given a School Travel Plan questionnaire.  As certain results (i.e. travel to and from school) would be the same as for the parents' survey, the information in the following two graphs shows how the children would prefer  to travel to and from school.  The two sets of results  are for  the Infants  and the Juniors, respectively.    The results are as follows:

The Infants

There were 57 children present at the time of the survey. (No. of children)

WalkCarCar ShareTrainOther

Summary of Infants' Surveys

The main opinions were (in approximate order of importance):

q                 Would have to get up earlier to walk

q                 It's too far to ride a cycle

q                 There's too much traffic

q                 Footpaths should be wider

q                 Put bumps in the road to slow down the cars

q                 More people need to car share or walk

The Juniors

There were 83 children present at the time of the survey.  (No. of children)

WalkCarCar ShareCycleTrainOther

Summary of Junior Surveys

The main opinions were (in approximate order of importance):

q                 There is too much traffic for safely getting to school on cycles

q                 The approach roads to the school are too busy and too narrow

q                 There needs to be a car park for parents

q                 A zebra crossing at junction of Hailsham/Hankham roads

q                 There is not enough pavement to walk safely along Hankham Road

Summary:  What is evident in the results is :-

q                 The overwhelming majority of children travel to school by car.

q                 Many would prefer to walk/cycle if  there was  safe crossing at Hailsham Road



Monitoring and review: the proposals

The monitoring and review of this School Travel  Plan will be carried out as part of the School Development Plan, by the School Governing Body in March every year. In particular the Head teacher will review the work relating to the School Travel Plan and will oversee the work with the School Council. The progress on the schemes to encourage sustainability in terms of the reduced congestion from car usage, increased walking and cycling will be reported to the Governing Body as part of the School Development Plan reporting system.


The review process will include all parties and will result in a report to the Governing Body by the Head teacher on an annual basis during the Spring Term. The next review will be March 2012. The review will link to the School Development Plan and will report the actions and success criteria laid out in the Action Plan. Updates on the School Action plan will be made available to parents on the school's web site  Our next travel survey will be carried out in March 2012


This STP has been produced in consultation with a number of partners including:  parents, children, staff and  Governors at Hankham Primary School .  Thank you also to Claire Morgan, School Travel Plan adviser (Traffic & Safety) at East Sussex County Council.


If required, information on the campaign to secure a traffic calming measure can be obtained from the school and East Sussex County Council.  

  Hankham   Primary School

School Travel Plan  2009-2011









PersonnelResourcesOther support



Success criteria


School Council to write to ESCC Highways Dept to request:

- speed limits on Hankham Street & Hankham Road

- more regular attention to the verges & hedges on the footpath approaches to the school


Use School Council meetings as a focus for the views of the children at Hankham.


Involve children with competitions and raise their awareness of the benefits of walking safely and car sharing





To provide regular newsletters for parents and keep them informed.



Summer 2009









School Council representative


Parent Governor with responsibility for Travel Plan


Clare Morgan


Costs for photocopying

(School funded)






Support and advice from ESCC traffic and Safety Team (Clare Morgan)The School Council to report back to Head on any suggestions for correspondence to ESCC

The School Council have actively sought the opinions of their peers and have requested certain actions from the Highways Dept of ESCC


The School Council have reported progress to the school's Governing Body.


Develop the programme to ensure that cycling Proficiency takes place each year for year 6 during Term 4


Purchase a cycle rack for the storage for bikes for those children who have completed the cycling proficiency course.


Develop cycle policy and permit scheme.




Cost of storage £3000

ESCC traffic and Safety Team (cycling proficiency)

External provider for cycle rack

HT to report to the Governors

Storage provided and used by those who have completed their training – or who ride to school under the supervision of a responsible adult.


Develop the Road Safety 'Foot Steps' programme for the Infants.





Continue to work with parents to the support the programme in  Year 1.

Link the Road Safety programme with the Citizenship programme that is delivered in the Infants.


Summer 2009


Infant  Leader

Infant Leader to review the SoW

Standards Fund Grant

ESCC Road Safety training

Parent volunteers

Evidence within the  curriculum

HT report to Gov

Newsletters and provide info about the year 1 training.


All Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 children have taken part in the training which has raised their awareness of road safety.

Continue to ensure that the children are safe in the area outside the school premises


Regular reminders to parents not to park on the zigzag lines.


Surveys to be conducted as part of the curriculum (Year2).


Purchase  zig-zag reminder signs/posters for  notice boards and school wall.


 Governors & Headteacher






Travel Grant


HT Report to Governors


Maths Subject Leader evidence of curriculum work.

Increase safety awareness linked with school work for the children.
Seek to extend the school car parking provision for staff.

Link with the School Development Plan for easy assess to the school.

Have clear boundaries for children accessing the school site.

New signs for the main and children's entrance.




Autumn 2009

Staff, Finance and Resources


Working party

Capital Devolved Fund



ESCC Project development DepartmentReports by the Governors to the Full GovernorsClearly defined entrances with easy and safe access. Car park is secure and does not allow children to access this area.
To try  improve the safety of the road outside Hankham School.

To analyse  routes children take to school if they walked, car-shared or caught bus.

Work with ESCC for traffic calming measures in Hankham Road to ensure children's safety.

To continue to survey parents on the improved measures and look at the impact improvements for future developments.

Autumn 2010

Staff, Finance and Resources


Working party


Funded through the ESCC for child safety improvementsSupport and advice from ESCC traffic and Safety TeamReport to the full governing Body from the SFR Governors committee.

Traffic calming measures have been installed outside the school and on identified roads from the parents' survey.

Annual traffic survey identifies parent 'satisfaction'.


Conduct a new Travel Survey

Complete and evaluate a biennial  travel survey of parents, children and staff


Next one March 2012Staff, children and parents/carersMinimal costsClare Morgan (ESCC)Head to report to Governing BodyTravel Survey successfully completed

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