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​At Hankham School we work to:

To promote and maintain a secure, stimulating and challenging teaching  and learning environment where children can communicate effectively and can develop lively, enquiring minds.

 To provide the equality of opportunities for children and staff to achieve and maintain high academic, professional and personal standards through the development of understanding, knowledge, skills and interests.

 To develop a whole-school ethos based on trust and endeavour where each individual feels secure, valued, respected and an integral part of the school community.

 To enable the whole school community - children, staff, parents and governors to work together and for each other in accordance with the school ethos and sense of shared values.

 To foster a keen sense of individual self discipline, confidence and achievement through the appropriate balance of independence and inter-dependence.

 To promote the values and ethos of the school and to celebrate its achievements with the wider community

 To maintain an effective management structure and style, demonstrating leadership, vision and clarity of purpose; giving due regard to the prudent stewardship of school resources and to the needs and aspirations of all individuals within the school community.

 To establish and maintain a clear and effective communications structure throughout the school and the wider community.

 To encourage each member of the school community to value and contribute care for the physical and aesthetic development of the school environment.

To develop and maintain clear and forward-thinking school policies and guidelines that reflect local and national initiatives, enabling the school  community     to build on its successes, acknowledge its unique history and look to the future with energy and optimism.​