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Educational visits are an extremely important part of the school curriculum and can provide the children with invaluable first hand experiences.  For this reason it is vital that any trips, whether Day or Residential, are very carefully planned and that issues of cost, value for money and health & safety are paramount in that planning.  All such visits should have a clear educational purpose, mainly linked with the current topic;  should be part of the Medium Term Plans and parents should have been notified well in advance that a visit is planned (via the Class Topic letter).  It is strongly advisable that a preliminary visit  be made to the site in order to check suitability and matters of health and safety.

In order that matters can proceed smoothly,  please ensure that the necessary procedures are followed when planning an educational visit.

 ·           Check with the Head about the selected date, venue and suggested cost.

·           Office to check with the venue/site about the date.

·           Office to contact transport companies to secure a competitive price.

·           All vehicles used must have seatbelts fitted

·           Complete the Approval Form (Appendix 1)  & a Risk Assessment and return to the Head.

·           Once formal agreement has been given, confirm the visit with     a)  the venue/site

                                                                                                          b)  the transport company

                                                                                                          c)  the Head

·           Letter to parents and Head with details of purpose/cost at least 3 weeks before visit.

·           Insurance form completed and sent to County at least 2 weeks before visit.

·           Secure sufficient adults to help with the visit.

·           Ensure that contact between school & teacher in charge ( and vice versa) is possible during

   the visit (eg mobile phone numbers are known). 


Some educational visits use private cars to transport children to and from venues.  The Head must be satisfied that the staff member/parent has appropriate car insurance cover and that seat belts are to be worn at all times when transporting.

All money that comes into school for visits must, via the school office, be accurately recorded against the name of the child.  For a visit to be financially viable, no less than 90% of the cost must be collected via voluntary contributions and where coaches are to be used, at least one full week before the visit is due to take place in order to avoid a cancellation fee by the coach company.

It is the responsibility of the class teacher(s) to follow these procedures and that of the Head  to be assured that all reasonable precautions have been taken regarding matters of  health and safety.