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2.7.2020 Hello Hankham 

The latest guidance and video on hand washing can be found at:


Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

1.7.2020 Hello Hankham When speaking with you in keeping in touch calls, I know many of you are enjoying cooking at home. 

Remember that you can also access some yummy recipes via the link below:


Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

30.6.2020 Hello Hankham Remember the e-bug project (link below) is led by Public Health England and has fun games to teach about hand-washing and hygiene. 


Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

29.6.2020 Hello Hankham This week's work is on the Class Pages. Please keep working hard until the end of term. The learning you do now will help you when you return to school. 

Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

26.6.2020 Hello Hankham Remember to look out for the weekly newsletter today. We will ping this later today, so please check your messages. Remember to stay safe in the sun and keep hydrated. 

Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

25.6.2020 Hello Hankham 

BookTrust have sent this out regarding their home Hub - it contains free online books, reading advice, ideas and resources designed to keep families and children entertained while at home, and the resources have now been grouped by age. The link for this is below:


Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

24.6.2020 Hello Hankham If you are planning on taking your learning outside today, make sure that you follow sun safety advice. Please see the NHS link below for details. If you are in school, remember to bring a hat and a named water bottle and don't forget to apply sunscreen before you arrive at school.  Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley


23.6.2020 Hello Hankham This week is National Sports Week - see the link below. Remember that you can be involved in Sussex School Games - see the link below.  Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley



22.6.2020 Hello Hankham The work for this week is on the class pages. Please remember to email teachers via the class emails with any questions. Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

19.6.2020 Hello Hankham Please see the message from Mrs Bassett below. Have a good day. Mrs Timlin  smiley

Children from the Keyworker Bubble had fun harvesting the potatoes we have been growing for the Grow Your Own Potatoes competition and I am now pleased to reveal the results.  The overall winners at Hankham were Rabbits Class with a total weight of 830g of potatoes from two growing bags. Well done!

The total weight of potatoes for other classes involved were as follows:

2nd  Foxes and Squirrels  - 820g

3rd Hedgehogs - 520g

4th Badgers - 440g

The largest number of potatoes from one bag was Foxes with 37 potatoes and the weight of the largest potato was one from Rabbits class which was 54g. The children had great fun watching them grow and a big THANK YOU must go to the keyworker children and all staff who have looked after the potatoes during school closure.

Our results have now been entered into the national competition so watch this space .....

(Photos in this week's newsletter)

Mrs Bassett, Deputy Headteacher

18.6.2020 Hello Hankham There are more photos on the Learning At Home photo gallery. Remember to update your class teachers with what you have been doing. They love to hear from you!

Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley

17.6.2020 Hello Everyone! Remember that you can still take part in the Summer Reading Challenge. For further information and to register, please see the link below:  


16.6.2020 Hello Hankham! Yesterday we welcomed our first Reception Bubble back to school. Today we have our second Reception Bubble join us. Look out for the photos in Friday's newsletter. Remember to send us your home-learning photos via the class emails. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin

15.6.2020 Hello Hankham! This week we are welcoming our Reception children back to school. We look forward to seeing you!

For those working at home, this week's work is on the class pages of the school website. 

Remember that you can also access some yummy recipes via the link below:


12.6.2020 Hello Hankham! Here is a useful link to STEM at Home activities and resources. The website supports young people, parents and teachers with ideas and links to great STEM@Home activities. Enjoy! Mrs Timlin smiley


11.6.2020 Hello Hankham! The link below takes you to the most recent UN Book Club online reading. Enjoy! Mrs Timlin smiley


10.6.2020 Hello Hankham! Childline have some useful activities and tools to help children feel better when they're feeling anxious, scared or sad. Please see the link below. Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley


9.6.2020 Good Morning Hankham! As you know, we take part of the UN's Book Club. UN Publications have released a new children's book From My Window.  Inspired by true stories from children around the world, From My Window explores the experiences of housebound children during the coronavirus pandemic. This beautifully illustrated book aims to provide a sense of hope, compassion, and solidarity for children grappling with the effects of this pandemic. β€‹Please follow the link below We hope you enjoy reading this with your child. Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley



8.6.2020 Good Morning Hankham! 

Every year the popular Summer Reading Challenge, delivered with the support of public libraries, motivates over 700,000 children to keep reading, building their skills and confidence. This year, the Summer Reading Challenge 2020, presented by The Reading Agency and funded by Arts Council England, is entitled 'Silly Squad' and will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. 

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the 2020 Challenge will launch as a digital activity to keep children reading over the summer and support parents and carers with children already at home.  The digital Challenge will run from June to September and is free to access, featuring games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities.

For further information and to register for the challenge please see the link below:


Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley

5.6.2020 Hello Hanham! Bike Week 2020 is still taking place from 6-14 June, with a week of fun digital activities.

More details can be found at: https://www.cyclinguk.org/bikeweek/activities-for-families

Remember to look out for the weekly newsletter later on today. Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley

4.6.2020 Hello Hanham! We regularly talk to the children about the importance of eating what we call mood foods. Below is a useful link with reminders about food and your mood. I hope it is of use.  Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley


3.6.2020 Good morning Hanham! We shared this link a few weeks ago but thought a reminder might be of use. The e-Bug project is led by Public Health England and has a dedicated webpage for learning resources on hand washing and respiratory hygiene.  It also has fun educational games for KS1, KS2 and KS3. It is worth having a look! Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley


2.6.2020 Hello Hanham! As you know, Hankham supports and promotes the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and at school we are involved in the UN's SDGs Book Club. Remember that you can still enjoy book readings at home. Please see the link below. Have a good day!  Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€ 


1.6.2020 Welcome to Term 6! I hope that you are all well and have been enjoying the sunny weather. This week's class work is now on the class pages.  Term 6 topic overviews are also there for your information. Have a good day!  Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€ 

22.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Please remember to check pings regularly. This is how we communicate important information. You will also get this week's newsletter later today. Your teachers have prepared a video for you all. See the link below. I hope you like it!  Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€


21.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Your teachers have prepared a video for you all. See the link below. I hope you like it!  Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€


20.5.2020 Hello Hankham! I hope that you are enjoying your International Week project. Please remember to email any photos to your class teachers for the newsletter and website. We would like to share what you have been doing. Enjoy! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

19.5.2020 Hello Hankham! We thought you might be interested in this resource from the British Red Cross to teach first aid. It is designed for children and young people. Please have a look


Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

18.5.2020 Happy Monday! This week's work is now published on the class pages. As you would have read in the newsletter, this week is International Week at Hankham. As part of your home learning this week we would like you to complete some work about a country of your choice, which we can then put together to make a display when you return to school. We would like everyone to contribute to this project and would also love to receive photos which can be emailed to your class email address. Please see Mrs Bassett's more detailed message on the class pages next to this week's work. Enjoy! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

15.5.2020 Happy Friday! We will be sending a couple of pings today with important information, including the newsletter. Please look out for these. Keep and the good work everyone! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

14.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Remember that you can access some yummy recipes via the link below:


 Enjoy! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

13.5.2020 Happy Wednesday! Please remember to contact your class teachers via the class emails with any questions about the work they have set. Although teachers have set you lots of things to do, I wanted to remind you about the BBC website below that might support you with your work. It also has fun and educational games. We have had good feedback about this website from many of you. If you have not had a look yet, we recommend that you do - the link is below. Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

12.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Thank you for the photos of your VE celebration tea parties. I have shared some photos under Classes > Learning At Home Photos. Take a look! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

11.5.2020 Happy Monday! The work for this week is available on the class pages. Remember that you can email your class teachers via the class emails with any questions. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

7.5.2020 Happy Thursday! Please look out later for this week's newsletter. Because of the VE Bank Holiday tomorrow, we will be pinging it out today. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

6.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Please see the link below. The e-Bug project is led by Public Health England and has a dedicated webpage for learning resources on hand washing and respiratory hygiene.  It also has fun educational games for KS1, KS2 and KS3. It is worth having a look! Have a good day. Mrs Timlin smiley


5.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Make sure you are keeping active! Go onto the Sussex School Games link and take part in the Specsavers Sussex Virtual School Games. Sign up and represent Hankham Primary School. See Ms Travis' ping from last week for more details. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€


4.5.2020 Happy Monday! The work for this week is on the class pages. Please remember that you can contact your teacher via the class email with any questions. Keep looking out for our pings this week. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

1.5.2020 Hello Hankham! Welcome to May. Look out later today for this week's newsletter. We have shared some photos so have a look and see if you are there! Have a good day and a good weekend when it arrives! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

30.4.2020 Happy Thursday! Look out for Mrs Bassett's ping about the Grow your own potatoes project that Hankham is involved with. Despite the school closure we can all still be involved. See the useful link below. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€

https://www.growyourownpotatoes.org.uk/  which you might find useful to help educate pupils at home all about potatoes.


29.4.2020 Hello Hankham! Thank you to everyone who has shared photos of their culinary creations via the class emails. You really are a creative bunch. As I know most of you enjoy cooking I want to share this great link to The Super Yummy Kitchen from Chartwells. There are lots of cook-along clips you might be interested in. Have a look and let us know how you get on! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€


28.4.2020 Happy Tuesday! Having spoken with many of you very recently, I know that lots of you have planted seeds in your gardens.  Looking on the positive side, the rain we have today is much needed for our plants to grow. πŸ˜€ Remember to still do your daily exercise inside today! Have a good day! Mrs Timlin

27.4.2020 Happy Monday! The work for this week is now on the class pages. Remember you can contact your teachers via the class emails if you have any questions. Parent / carers - I will be sending a couple of pings today that you may find of use, so please look out for these. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin 🌞

24.4.2020 Hello everyone! You have been working really well this week. Thank you for the work, updates and photos you have been emailing your class teachers. They have been sharing these with me and I am very pleased to see the effort you are putting into your learning. You are really becoming self-motivated and independent learners.  Keep it up, everyone! Remember to look out for the newsletter later today. We will publish next week's work on Monday. Have a good weekend! Mrs Timlin 🌞

22.4.2020 Hello everyone! Thank you for emailing your teachers with photos of what you have been up to. Look out in this Friday's newsletter to see if you are in it! I know how many of you love nature and animals so here is a link to the National Geographic for kids. Let us know how you enjoy it! Have a good day! Mrs Timlin πŸ˜€


21.4.2020 Happy Tuesday! It is great to see you engaging with the work teachers have planned.  Remember that this is found on the class pages of this website. Keep up the good work! I also wanted to share with you a great resource launched this week by the BBC. BBC Bitesize is offering a wealth of resources which you may also find useful. Please see the link below. Enjoy!


20.4.2020 Welcome back to Term 5! I hope that you all had a good Easter. The work for this week is already on the class pages for you to access. Please remember that you can contact your teachers via the class email addresses. I know that they love to hear from you! Mrs Timlin 

3.4.2020 Please see the school newsletter. You can read this on the school website or via Ping. This week we have included lots of useful links for parents and carers.  Please also see the photos under Classes to see what people have been doing.

                                      Have a great Easter! Mrs Timlin smiley

2.4.2020 Hello everyone! It great to hear that many of you are communicating with your teachers via the class emails.  It is also good to see that many of you are completing the task on MyMaths and Purple Mash.  Keep it up! Today Miss Travis, our Subject Leader for PE, has asked me to share a useful link to some ideas for keeping you active.  Please see below. 

Please find below a link to Primary Resources compiled by Active Sussex listing the various organisations offering active at home resources that you might find helpful.

This list is being updated on a regular basis and can be accessed via the Active at Home page on the Active Sussex website https://www.activesussex.org/activeathome/children-and-young-people/   Miss Travis

1.4.2020 Happy April everyone! Please see the message below from Mrs Bendall, our Subject Leader for Music. 

Charanga Music    

Yumu, Charanga's online learning space for students, is ideal for pupils working on their own, or with parents and carers supporting them, at home. They also build on the learning from music lessons at school. Please check your ping for details of how to access the site for each class. Mrs Bendall

31.3.2020  Hello all! These links might be of interest:

Link to music sessions:

Classic FM presenter, singer and pianist Myleene Klass is giving music lessons from home via Instagram and YouTube, joined by her talented daughters Ava and Hero.  Follow the links below to add another dimension to your day!




30.3.2020 Happy Monday! I hope that you are all well and working hard.  As promised in Friday's newsletter, Mrs Bassett has an update about our recent share a story challenge. Have a good day! Mrs Timlin 

Over the past four weeks we have all been busy sharing stories as part of a nationwide campaign to share a million stories. We have shared stories at home and at school and today I can reveal that together Hankham has shared an amazing 4,278 stories which is an average of 31 story shares per pupil.   I believe that the actual total is actually quite a bit more than this but have included the totals that have been emailed to classes.  If you have forgotten to do so there is still time to add to this amount.  Just send your total story shares for the four week to your class emails. We have also helped the nation to share a staggering 2,455,202 stories so well done to everyone!  Although the challenge is over do keep reading for pleasure and sharing stories. Mrs Bassett πŸ™‚

27.3.2020 Good afternoon boys and girls! The Class pages have been updated with Week 2 suggested timetables.  Please also make sure you read the school newsletter this week. Have a good weekend! Mrs Timlin

26.3.2020 Good morning everyone! 

Knowing what a creative bunch you are, we thought you would like this 30 day lego challenge.  Today is Day 1.  We would love you to email pictures of your creations  to your class teacher and then we can share some with you on our school website. Don't forget to say which  day of the challenge you have completed. Happy Building!

https://www.mykidstime.com/entertainment/download-free-30-day-lego-challenge-creative-fun/        (Parents need to scroll down the page and can the view or print out the challenge sheet.) 


25.3.2020 Hello Hankham! Hopefully you are enjoying the work set by your class teachers on the Class website pages.  Remember that you can contact the teachers via the class email addresses, which were pinged home. Please check the Home Learning page on the school website.  This has been updated today and there is information about personal challenge activities from School Games, which you can do at home.  Miss Travis is happy to answer any queries about this if you email her at the school.  Mrs Bassett also has a good idea below, so please read on...Have a good day! Mrs Timlin  

"Elevenses"  with The World of David Walliams Did you know? Every day at 11am you can listen to David Walliams reading one of his World's Worst Children stories via his website worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses/  so why not make it part of your daily routine? Also, please remember to send your total amount of story shares to your class email address by 9am on Friday, so that we can find out how many story shares we completed as a school over the four week "Share a Million Stories" challenge. Thank you Mrs Bassett πŸ™‚

24.3.2020 Hello Hankham! It's the last week of our "share a million" reading challenge and I do hope that you have continued to share your stories and record them on the sheet you took home. I have been so impressed with your enthusiasm during this challenge and also want to say thank you to the reading champions for doing such a great job at promoting reading at the school.

I would love to be able to give you a final total for Hankham story shares over the last 4 weeks as well as reveal the new National total, so I am asking you to email via your class email and let your teacher know your total home story shares over that time. If you can do that before 9am on Friday I will try to give you the result later in the day.  In the meantime, keep reading! Mrs Bassett


23.3.2020 Good morning children! Welcome to Week One of our home learning journey.  We spoke in Friday's assembly about the children who usually learn from home in Australia's rural areas. We can now see what it is like to be one of those pupils!

Teachers are busy preparing work for you but in the meantime look at the home learning page, which has links to home learning activities. We are setting up class emails so you can email your teacher and keep in contact. We will let you know as soon as this is up and running.

Keep checking the school website! Mrs Timlin

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