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Vision and our curriculum intent

We strive to prepare our children for active citizenship. We follow the National Curriculum and what is taught, is driven by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. At Hankham we highlight to the children how the knowledge and skills covered throughout our various curriculum areas are linked and interdependent and how they support and promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals are incorporated across all areas of the curriculum, help drive and shape our curriculum themes and activities and prepare the children to be effective global citizens in the 21st Century.Click here to find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals. 


~ A creative learning community ~

We encourage everyone to be aware of and to understand our place in the local and wider community, including the wider world.

We encourage children to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings and those of others, and to connect and develop positive relationships with family, friends and with people from similar and different backgrounds.

We encourage everyone to play an active role in our community, through both smaller and larger acts. 

We strive to provide everyone at Hankham with the skills, knowledge, values and creativity to connect and work with others to make our world more equal, fair and sustainable. 

We encourage everyone to find a sport or physical activity they can regularly enjoy to support their physical and mental wellbeing.

We promote the enjoyment of and participation in the Arts to improve self-confidence, mindfulness and wellbeing.

We encourage everyone to develop a lifelong love of learning to improve one’s sense of achievement and to encourage self-challenge and resilience. 

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