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Reading and learning are essential to children's growth and development. We develop a love of reading and writing through a variety of fun and engaging activities; we have had an author visit, taken part in World Book Day, and encouraged peer to peer and mixed-aged reading partners. We also promote the Library Summer Reading Challenge. 

We are also involved in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals Book Club.  Stories can fuel children's imagination and raise awareness of new possibilities. The SDG Book Club aims to encourage young people across the world to learn about the SDGs in a fun, engaging way and help them realise what actions they can take, empowering them to make a difference. 

At Hankham we teach Phonics using the Letters & Sounds DFE programme, drawing on planning and activities from a variety of sources as appropriate. Phases 1-4 are taught in Reception, Phases 3-4 will be revisited at the start of Year 1 before moving onto Phase 5, then in Year 2 the children consolidate their knowledge of Phase 5 before embedding this through the teaching of Phase 6.

We do not follow a particular reading scheme. Instead, we use banded books which have systematic, synthetic approach to phonics and are aligned to Letters and Sounds. These include a range of text types and genres to enthuse and give variety.  We encourage the children to access a range of enriching texts to develop good comprehension and foster a love of reading. 

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